Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where do you buy your books?

I received some rather bad news the other day from MPH. They e-mailed me telling me that the book I want, ‘I Capture the Castle’ by Dodie Smith is NOT in print anymore. I mean, how bad is that?

Answer: Very bad.

I’m willing to give my eye-teeth just to have that book. I’ve wanted the book for a very long time. Okay, I have no idea if the book is interesting or not but it should be a good read judging from the synopsis and all its reviews that I’ve come across.

The book I want is RM32.90 and I saw it in Borders. Twice! When I finally had enough money to buy it, it’s gone. Just like that. I searched high and low for it but it’s nowhere to be seen. The only one left cost RM50++. I’m not going to pay so much for the book. Well, for now anyway.

I think I’ve searched most online bookstores to see if they had the book or not. Acmamall has the RM50 one too.

All the same, here is a list of online and offline bookstores:

1. Borders
2. Popular
3. MPH Online
4. Reader’s Shack
5. Acmamall
6. Silverfish books
7. eBay (though mostly second-hand books there)
8. Amazon (anyone from Malaysia shopped here before?)
9. Kinokuniya (I don’t go there often mainly because I don’t live in KL! What a waste.)

I can’t think of anymore stores. Do you know of any bookstores not listed above? Some online ones that I’ve never heard before? Don't hesitate to let me know, okay? =D

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