Saturday, March 3, 2007

Changing the theme for my new blog

Wow! I thought everything would be so easy when I had a new blog. How was I to know that WordPress would just be a little, teeny tiny bit more difficult and complicated than Blogger? Augh, I was having lots of trouble just trying to change the theme or template of my new blog.

I will launch my new blog when it's ready, okay? I'm still keeping this blog too, don't worry. I just wanted my own dot com blog.

Well, it is quite easy when you know how to upload the new theme and everything to your web host's control panel. I had to ask many people but I still could not figure how to to upload the theme that I want.

And finally, I did a search in Google and found the following website: SiteGround: WordPress Tutorial: Change your WordPress Theme

Thanks to this wonderful tutorial that I've managed to upload the stupid theme and display it on my website. I've been trying to figure how for days! Haha! And finally I did it and I'm very, very, very happy and relieved. *Sigh............*

For those with their own domain and web host and having problems uploading WordPress themes, just visit the aforementioned website. They have clear and easy to understand directions.


  1. you got tagged... see my adventchild blog. haha... u shud do a chatbox in ur sidebar le. so that i won't have leave unrelated comments in ur posts. hahaha~~~

  2. Okay, will check out your site soon. Ah? Chatbox ah? See first lah, okay? Haha!

  3. I visited your new .com blog. Looks it has a focus and that's the book reviews alone...
    Congrats for your new site...

  4. Hi there! Thanks! Yeah, I wanted a site specially for book reviews.


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