Thursday, September 16, 2010

BTT: Disaster!

Today's question for Booking Through Thursday isn't out yet so I'll just answer last week's.

You’ve just dropped your favorite, out-of-print book into a bathtub, ruining it completely … What do you do now?

My answer:

Feel bad about it, I suppose. In the meantime, I'll just be really, really careful! And never bring such a book anywhere near the bathroom.

School: Best time of my life

It’s no secret that education is becoming more important by the day.

Choosing the best school to go to isn’t that easy. Will your child enjoy their time there? What kind of friends will he mix with? How are the teachers? So many questions but they can be answered if you do some research of the schools you’ve got on your list.

I remember my primary school days as fun and carefree. There were almost no problems except the occasional scolding from teachers and the childish arguments with friends. But those were trivial stuff.

My teachers were great. They were really dedicated and cared a lot for their students. They would go to great lengths to help us understand our lessons. When we did well, it would be nice to see their remarks on our behaviour in our school report.

Besides, I had friends from different walks of life. Okay, so we were still kids and haven’t seen much of life yet but in any case, we were all a mixture like different-coloured M&Ms in a bag. I studied in a national school, which has students from different races and our medium of learning was English and the Malay language. So we were a diverse lot and by all means, we learnt a lot from one another.

So I think that the kids who attend Ross Global Academy may have the same experiences with mine. I visited their website and was happy to know they aimed to serve students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The students of Ross Global Academy would also learn about history, current events, and technology. They have to wear a school uniform too. Hey, I wore school uniforms for almost 14 years of my life. At least I didn’t have to worry what to wear to school every day.

So if you’d like to enroll your child in Ross Global Academy, take a lot at their website or find them on Facebook.
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