Wednesday, March 7, 2007 is ready

Yup, it's ready. It's finally ready. From now on, all book reviews will be posted there and I've also transferred all my old book reviews to my new blog.

I thought it would be so much fun setting up my new blog. Unfortunately, I don't really like WordPress. I've had the luxury of blogging with Blogger Beta that I was slogging away with WordPress. Everything is new and there are so many features to explore, plus the loading of the pages are slow too.

Well, I'm keeping this blog still. My mind is in a blur now. I need to categorize my new blog and I have no idea where to start. It's all just confusing right now but I'm glad that the new blog will only focus on book reviews and anything related to books. Nothing else.

Now, you may visit my new book blog. Specially for books and for book lovers!

Books Love Me


  1. oooo, another book blog. we need more of those around. :D

  2. Hi there, thanks. I've noticed that there are not many local book blogs too.

  3. Yes, that was also the reason I get interested with your blog because I haven't found any other yet making thorough reviews about books. Congrats for the new site...

    I'm just wondering why you used Wordpress. You still could have used Blogger. I like the versatility of Blogger more than Wordpress, honestly...

    Look at my site. It's Blogger and work just fine. Anyway, way to go. Just explore, you'll know Wordpress tweaking in no time...

  4. Thanks again! Actually, I didn't realize that I could still use Blogger! My web host offered to install a WordPress blog so I just agreed to it.

    Yeah, I like Blogger too. It's far easier than WordPress, which gave quite a lot of headaches! But, I'm getting used to it.


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