Friday, March 16, 2007

Respond now!

I hate it when people don't reply to my e-mails especially when I'm buying something from them.

I know I've been promoting Reader's Shack, but I've yet to hear anything from them since I deposited RM21 into their bank account for a book I bought. I ordered 'The Undomestic Goddess' by Sophie Kinsella and it was offered at only RM20! Plus, the book is brand new too! Much better than the prices offered in local bookstores.

Well, I guess they are busy or something but I'll still continue to bug them for a reply. ;)

Anyway, the STPM results were out yesterday. Finally, the day we ex-Form Sixers were waiting for had arrived. With unwelcoming open arms, I'm afraid. But, still a little bit welcoming.

I managed not to fail any subject. I'm glad of that but I do wish I had studied harder and gotten better results! But, it's no use crying over spilt milk now. Now, I have to think which course I really want to study.

Sis said, 'Study science.'

Me said, 'Mass comm!'

Sis: No, science better.

Me: Really? Don't really like Chem.

Sis: Then, study Bio!

Me: Don't know.

Sis: Think about it. Science is better.

Me: Okay.

Haha! I'm still pondering on it. Later, I'll check out the whole list of courses offered by the universities at the Higher Education website. Last night, my friend tried to log in but it was sooooo slow. There must be hundreds of others trying to log into the site as well.

By the way, good morning!


  1. hey. i already submitted my application. haha. but still have to kemaskini the application la. coz some courses that i chose are in faraway unis like ums and utm. dun tink i wanna choose unimas la. hahaha...

  2. That's fast! I didn't even go to the website yet.

    Submit already can still kemaskini? Okay.

    I'll have to go sometime in the middle of the night when the traffic wouldn't be so crowded. =D

  3. Congrats on passing all ur subjects...Have fun checking out where to go from here! :)

  4. Thank you! And I don't think it'll be much fun, anyway. Haha!

  5. Hey! I don't remember the conversation being like that? You make me sound like Attila the Hun, considering that I read books like "Elegance" by Kathleen Tessaro :P


    Anyway, you are making the final decision ok since you will send in the form

  6. Hahaha! Elegant ke? Heheeh....

    Still blur lah, not sure if I should choose all the same uni or different ones!


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