Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vote for cool blogs at

I chanced upon this website while visiting another blog. I saw the red hot widget proudly displayed at that person's blog and just checked out what it's all about.

It's like a voting kind of site where you submit your blog or blogs that you like and people vote for it if they like it. I have only 5 votes so far and I hope to be getting more votes later on! No, I'm not going on some kind of campaign, going around screaming, 'VOTE FOR ME'! If you feel like you like my blog, make my day and throw in a vote for my blog. Hehe...=)

There are tons of other interesting blogs and websites voted there. I was quite fascinated by some of the blogs there and tried to find other book blogs too. It was a fruitless search though. Not many book blogs there.

I like book blogs. In fact, I like book review blogs and anything with book reviews. I check The Star for section on books everyday hoping to come across any reading section. Friday and Sunday are my favourite days because there will be many books reviewed.

If you like reading, why not start a book blog to tell everyone what you're reading and what you think of the books? There are not many Malaysian book blogs or maybe I just haven't visited them yet.

Come on, just start one and make me happy. Haha!

Anyway, I sent a text message to Reader's Shack yesterday and got a reply. Finally! My book will arrive next Tuesday. It'll take one whole week to reach me! It's kind of long, you know, but what do you expect if the postal fee is only RM1? Well, better late than never!

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