Saturday, March 10, 2007

Slow way to earn money online

I have been a member in myLot for over a month and boy, is it one of the slowest money-making program ever! I would rather do paid posts in my blog than spend hours in myLot and only earn like $1.00 a day. Yeah, it's that slow.

But, the good side of it is, I get to participate in interesting and wacky discussions. I get to give my opinions on anything there provided that I know what I'm writing about. You can't simply write rubbish there. The other users might scold you and you'll then get a bad name. No, not cool.

I earned only $6.89 now from myLot. They will only pay when I've reached $10.00. That'll be like weeks from now. Haha! Okay, I hope I'll get it next week then.

Oh yeah, Erlynda tagged me a few days ago and I haven't done it yet. I'll do it soon, don't worry!

And, the STPM results will be out next Thursday, 15th of March 2007. I am wondering what my results would be. I'll keep my fingers crossed though.


  1. Josette, we have exchange link last time, but I cannot find my blog link in your site, can you check what happen? Thanks

    my blog is

  2. Hi there, I did add your blog to my links list. Check the sidebar. It's under 'Blogs to Check Out'.

  3. thanks. sorry for my mistake. :P


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