Saturday, March 31, 2007

Finished my book!

I've been reading since 3.30pm and finished 'The Undomestic Goddess' around 8pm! No, I did not finish one whole book during those few hours. I actually started reading Sophie Kinsella's book on March 26 and only managed to read half of the book today.

Yes, I was quite tired but I took a short break, had my dinner, and sat down to write the book review. You can read it

I decided to do a search for the book in Wikipedia. Unfortunately, there wasn't a special page for Undomestic Goddess. So, I just went ahead to
Madeleine Wickham's page.

Then, I visited Sophie Kinsella's official website and found a quiz entitled
'Are You A Samantha Sweeting?'

Interesting, huh?

So, I tried the quiz and my score was 17!

If I'm a 17, then I fall under the following category:

15-29 Your Samantha potential is high. You have the right skills—or at least how to fake them.
Haha! I was just having a little bit of fun. Go on. Try the quiz yourself.

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