Friday, March 30, 2007

So Many Plugins for WordPress!!!

Wah lau weh… WordPress has so many plugins! There is one extremely long list at Weblog Tools Collection and it was quite difficult to choose which ones I like. So, I thought I would just download the ones that stand out from the others and see if I really them enough to keep them.

I’ve been receiving spam comments lately. It’s irritating when I open up my e-mails to find that I have spam comments in my new blog. I thought they were new comments and honestly, I was pretty excited. Just imagine my disappointment when I found out that those comments were actually advertising things like mobile phones, porn sites, etc.

Well, I was browsing through the Weblog Tools page and I came across 3 different kinds of plugins that can block out spam comments. I just installed one and am hoping for the best. I have enough spam mails in my Yahoo and I certainly don’t need anymore in my new blog.

Truly, there are endless of plugins available for WordPress blogs that it is quite impossible to use them all. Yeah, I am kind of excited now because I have just discovered the page with the list of nifty plugins. Haha! I’m beginning to think WordPress is a whole lot better than my old faithful Blogger. Have no fear, Blogger, I’m not leaving you.

Okay! I’m off to write another post! =D


  1. The best combination for getting rid of spam comments in Wordpress is Bad Behavior and Akismet working hand in hand. Bad Behavior gets rid of all spam bots and Akismet filters the manual ones that get through. Out of the 10k spam comments I get a day, about 60 gets through to Akismet which I delete after going through it. Few spam comments if ever get through and I pick it up quite easily with Akismet blacklisting them later on.

    I've got a complete list of plugins that I use on my blog as well if you want to have an idea what to use them for.

  2. for comment spams, activate your Akismet plugin... it will effectively separate your real comments from spams....

  3. kamigoroshi: Hi kamigoroshi, thanks! I'm using Akismet now and it's doing a fine job catching all those spams. I'll check out your list of plugins soon. Thanks again!

    ashotiwoth: Hi ashotiwoth! Yes, I've already activated my Akismet plugin. Thanks!


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