Friday, March 30, 2007

Choosing A Book

When you choose a book to read, how do you go about it? Do you pick the book because you like the author? Or you’ve read countless of reviews raving about the book? Or maybe you just like the look of the book’s cover? Maybe you are a ‘judge a book by its cover’ kind of person?

Whatever it is, the whole truth will be revealed once you start reading the book. The cover of the book may look nice or the book is hugely popular but after reading page 1, you just go, ‘Ugh! What a horrible book!’ Well, there you go.

I’ve read somewhere before that if you want your book published, your book has to pass the Page One Test. Meaning that the publisher will read only page 1s of all the drafts he receives and then he will decide which are good ones and which are merely wasting his time. So, aspiring authors would have to make an extra good impression right on page 1.

I guess that’s the way we buy our books too. When we see a book that strikes our fancy, we read page 1 first to see if we can go on to page 2. If you go beyond page 5, then it’s time to buy the book. Remember to hold the book properly, though if you’re not planning to buy it. Don’t vandalize the book. I’ve seen too many poorly handled brand new books in bookstores. Be considerate and think of the next person who might buy the book. We all like brand new books, don’t we? They should also LOOK like new, right?

Nevertheless, here is a list of recommended authors whose books that you might like. I don’t quite remember from where I got the list. Probably from The Star’s Tots To Teens!

1. Susan Cooper
2. Diana Wynne Jones
3. Garth Nix
4. Ursula Le Guin
5. Terry Pratchett
6. Brian Jacques
7. Alan Garner
8. Madeline L’Engle
9. Susan Coolidge
10. E. L. Konigsburg
11. Beverly Cleary
12. Elizabeth Enright
13. Sarah Dessen
14. Judy Blume
15. Patricia McLachlan


  1. i have resort to reading blogs... much more interesting and have huge dose of human touch...

    reading a book will be a new year resolution for the times ahead.

  2. Human touch? I didn't know that!

    Well, the year isn't over yet. You still have time to make a new resolution. I make new resolutions everyday of the year!

    Good luck!

  3. I am a total judge the book by it's cover girl. Though reviews and top ten list are super important too! That's why i'm posting so many of the top 100 list books on my blog now. I actually go out and buy them

    And as for the reading the 1st page thingy? I dont do that. I don't wanna waste it. If I have made the decision to buy the book then I will only savour it slowly when I get back.

    But I always research properly before I buy a book. Books are just plain expensive over here.

    Thanks for dropping BY!

  4. Princess Shin: Haha! I guess being a 'judge the book by its cover' person is kind of worth it too. I believe that we should give every book a try. You never know how it's going to be!

    =D I like to savour my books too so that I understand every word I'm reading and also not lose the story.

    You said it. Books are downright expensive. Burn holes in my pocket every time I buy them.


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