Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Republic Rocks!

I want to win One Republic's CD and hence, this post. Got an email from The Star Online and that's how I got to know about this contest where I can win myself One Republic's album, Dreaming Out Loud. I fell in love with One Republic ever since I heard their song, Apologize! Their collaboration with Timbaland was awesome. :D

After that, Stop and Stare came out and I love that song too! I listen to it almost everyday. If you haven't heard it before, then check out the video clip below:

Stop and Stare - One Republic

This is the cover of their album:

One Republic is made up of Ryan Tedder (lead singer), Zach Filkins, Drew Brown, Eddie Fisher, and Brent Kutzle. So far, I've only heard 3 songs from them. Apologize, Stop and Stare, and All We Are. Their songs are a little bit different from the others. They are not really rock (you know, with electric guitars and drums banging away), maybe more mellow than rock but still, they rock! LOL!

Dreaming Out Loud is their debut album and I would really like to hear all their songs. And oh, they are coming to Malaysia in August 2008 for the MTV Asia Awards! I want to go!!! But who's gonna go with me? :(

So...what do you think of One Republic, eh? :D


  1. Yeah~ One Republic Rocks!! :)

  2. oofooi: Oh yeah! Did you watch them in Genting?


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