Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Very Cute Baby

I attended mass last night and then later, a couple with a baby girl in a stroller came and sat in front of me. At first, I couldn't see the small kid because she's hidden in her stroller. But then, she cried in the cute way that some babies cry, and her mom plucked her out and carried her.

Oh, finally I got to see her. She's cute with large, innocent eyes. Haha! And she looks blur too, like all babies do. But then later, her mom put her back in her pram and gave her some toys to play. She clumsily grabbed hold of a toy and flung it to the ground. Her mom had to get up from her seat to pick up the toy. Hmm, babies really do like to throw stuff, do they???

Well, the baby didn't stay put throughout the mass. Her mom carried her and walked around outside the church. It was quite warm inside and even though her dad brought a mechanical fan, it still wasn't enough to keep the baby happy.

And me? I had to pay attention to mass, of course! Even when mass was over, the mom and her baby still hadn't returned. They're probably enjoying their nightly stroll!


  1. ha ha - parents get to escape things like Mass don't they! Oh, the poor baby is playing up - lets go outside and do something else!!

    A visitor from ICLW

  2. :D Well, sometimes they can't help it if the baby's making a fuss. And yeah, they do get to 'escape' mass but it's not really a good thing if it's on purpose...

  3. Thanks for comment on my blog, The Paperback Stash. Babies are simply adorable, aren't they? :)

  4. erin: Hi there, oh yeah, babies are the cutest things ever! Life's nothing without them.


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