Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thumbs Up!

Have you ever been lucky to have had some driver or motorist on the road give you the finger? Yeah, the middle finger. Have YOU given someone on the road that finger??? Me? Never! But I should remember to give the peace sign next time.

Anyway, it was the first time someone gave me the thumbs up today while driving. In my one year of driving life, it has not happened before. Some uncle/guy in his car with his family/friends. He wanted to turn in and was waiting for me to pass. But I made a hand motion to let him know that he can turn in first. So, he turned and gave me the thumbs up!

Usually, around 6 - 7 pm, the after-work hours are the most stressful time to be driving on the road. You'll meet maniacal drivers speeding and honking at you, urging and forcing you to go faster. Mercedes cars, for example! No offence to those who own Mercedeses, but it's true. They don't pity smaller cars like the Kancils and Kelisas. I know the Mercedes has the speed but be patient, for goodness' sake!

And no, these speeders normally don't give people the thumbs up sign either.


  1. Driving here in Manila, it's very common for you to have experienced being given the F sign. Fortunately for me, I didn't do the same thing to other drivers. As much as I can, I tried to behave well in the road...

  2. dodong flores: Hi, I think people receive the sign everywhere in the world! haha! That's good, keep up your good behaviour on the road. There're less well-mannered people on the road nowadays. They left their manners at home, I guess.


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