Wednesday, July 23, 2008

At Least Start With A 'Hi'

I have a friend who thinks that starting your SMS message with a 'Hey!' is rude. For example,

Hey *somebody*! When is our next English class?

To him, that's not polite and courteous. It seems that the correct way is like this:

Hi *somebody*, how are you doing? May I know when will our next English class be?

It's much longer than the first one but it's acceptable to him. I got a scolding from him when I sent him the Hey message. So, from then onwards, I was always careful to be extremely polite in my SMS messages to him.

Well, a few days ago, I got an SMS from a girl who I've not spoken to for quite a while. She didn't even bother to say hi. Just went straight to the point. "Do you still have your old English notes?"

I was, like, huh? You expect me to give you my old notes just like that??? No hi, no please, no thank you. In short, I was flabbergasted. Even if I still had my notes, I don't think I'll give them to her. Yeah, call me selfish but that's not the way to ask favours from others.

So, please, remember to throw in some 'Hi's, Pleases and Thank yous in your SMSes, e-mails, letters, etc, especially when you need help or something from other people. Chances are they'll be more willing to lend you a hand. :D


  1. Hi, I agree with your friend. I feel that if someone just says Hey, it's like saying Oi!

  2. Hi, and thanks so much for sharing. Visiting from ILCW and it really is the little things that make the world a better place.

  3. Hi, over from ICLW,

    Very good point.

  4. Via ICOmLeavMo...
    I am a "hey" fan, maybe it's more acceptable in the UK. I do object to people who want something not even being polite about asking for it is rude and annoying though!

  5. Visiting for ICLW.

    Great post! It amazes me how SMS messages have become so incredibly informal.

  6. Hi Josette, nice post!

    Visiting from ICLW

  7. good piece of advice!

    here from ICLW

  8. I don't mind the hey's... as long as they at least say that! But, yes, to just jump in with "I need" without even the common basic courtesies - especially when you've not been in touch for a while.. that's just unacceptable.


  9. Hey! I nominated your blog for an award. Check it out on my blog.


  10. Wow talk about two extremes. I actually don't mind the heys. Though I would feel the same way about your other friend. I would definitely have a hard time giving her anything after that kind of request.


  11. But I like "hey". I must agree though, I find it really rude when people leave out the pleasantries. Worse though is when they seem to forget how to spell and use punctuation.

  12. Wow...I'm quite surprised to read about "young" pppl finding the lack of Ps and Qs rude :) Thought they'd be the most casual of them all.

    Haha, I'd not lend my notes to someone who's THAT rude either. Interestingly, I have a few "friends" who are like that...makes me wonder if they are really "friends" in the first place.

  13. Hi! I just posted a comment in another blog that started with "Hi" and I just realized it felt odd because a lot of commenters do not say "Hi" or "Hello" first. So I thought I was being odd.

    Glad to know I am not that odd :)

  14. i agree.. if among friends maybe but even with friends i will greet them first before anything :D

  15. adino: Hi, haha, that's funny! But I think Hey! sounds friendlier than Oi! I'd only call Oi! to close friends who wouldn't get mad at me. :D

    martha: Hi, yes, you're so right. It's the little things that matter.

    momofonefornow: Hi, thanks. Will there be a No. 2?

    katie: Hi, I like hey too!

    bendingbackwards: Hi, oh, SMS messages are getting worse by the day. Some are filled with lots of words-with-many-missing-letters! I hate that.

    alessandra: Hi, thanks for dropping by.

    Alicia: Hi, thanks. I hope people will take it. :D

    dreams come true: Hi, that's what I thought too!

    Trisha: Hi, wow Trisha, that's nice of you. Thanks!!!

    amy: Hi, LOL, yeah, 2 extreme cases. If the second gal SMSed my first friend, she'd get a telling off too.

    sassy: Hi, oh, I sure do receive lots of SMSes with incorrect spellings and without any punctuation too!

    kittycat: Hi, well, I guess not all young people are that laid back.

    arpee: Hi, saying Hi in comments is not wrong! It makes it even more pleasant and the receiver would like it a lot too. :)

    zsazsa: Hi, true, true. I'll at least ask how are you with friends who I haven't spoken to for a while.


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