Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bounce, Bounce, Shoot!

It was a rainy day today, wasn't it? Anyway, today I went for my first Introduction to Theatre class. I wasn't sure if I wanted to take this class or not because some of the Theatre papers offered to me are not that interesting. Learning about English doesn't really appeal to me and I'm not interested in Management, political science, etc.

After class, I found 3 others who are from my faculty. Yay!!! I thought I was the only weird one from my faculty who's taking courses in drama and theatre. I got to make new friends too! Although we were in almost the same classes for a year over, we still didn't know each other's names. So today, I made 3 new friends who are from my faculty/school.

I also spotted a notice for girls' basketball. I remembered one of my friends showing an interest in playing basketball and I sent her an SMS to ask if she wants to play or not. She said 'yes' and half an hour later, we were walking to the basketball court.

There were around 10 or 11 girls only who came. The coach came too. He's supposed to be a stern old guy because somebody hastily told everyone to tuck in our shirts. It was funny to see everyone quickly tucking in their shirts, including me.

After that, he ordered us to run AROUND campus. I was relatively inactive and was quite a couch potato for the last month. So, to suddenly run long distance would be absurd. I was already out of breath after running for, like, 5 minutes. I stopped running and the others were already out of sight. Hah!

I took a shortcut and went back to the court. :D Yeah, that was cheating but if I were to walk while they ran, I wonder when I would ever reach the court again! Next week, I hope I can actually run the actual length. Gotta do some running and building up of stamina before the next meeting, then.

The coach also told us to stand in the middle of the court and throw the ball towards the net. A few of us newbies couldn't even manage to get the ball to touch the net. The more experienced players could throw farther and some managed to score or shoot through the hoop. Nah, I don't know much about basketball terms.

It's been quite an exciting day. Looking forward to tomorrow's classes!

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  1. Just 4 days back i joined theaters and i am loving it , (not mcdonalds)

  2. I remember my first day in my dance class . I was totally confused whether i can learn dance or not. But now it all so good and enjoyable .

  3. Oh, you joined theatre! Yeah, I hope you're enjoying yourself too. And dancing's a good form of exercise. It's so fun to dance actually!

  4. You've taken up theater already? Sounds's one of my FAVOURITE classes in uni.'re brave to take up basketball. I hate contact sports :P

  5. kittycat: Yeah, I went to my first theatre class last week! It was quite okay and there weren't many students. Maybe it was only the first day of class. Anyway, I can't wait for the next class!

    Oh, basketball. I didn't go for the next meeting. Was too tired and preferred to sleep instead of running all over campus again!


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