Saturday, August 16, 2008

Things You Bring Along

What do you bring with you each time you leave your house? Whether it’s school, college, shopping mall, wet market, church, temple, mosque, friend’s house, party, what items do you always take with you?

For me, I need my watch with me whenever I go out. Once, for a couple of months, I did not own a watch because my old ones didn’t work anymore and I had to resort to my cell phone to check out the time. But then wearing a watch on my wrist would be much easier and also the watch is an accessory.

Of course I carry a sling bag to put my stuff in. Things like my wallet, a bottle of water, a small book, a packet of tissues, keys to the house and car, and my umbrella! I’ve just acquired a cool bucket hat and that goes into my bag too. What’s the difference between a fedora and a bucket hat? I think the fedora looks trendy.

Left: fedora, Right: bucket hat

So, what do you take out with you?

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