Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do Your Part For Darfur

Natasha over at Maw Books Blog is trying to create awareness about the war in Darfur, Sudan. I have heard of the war a few times before but I'm ashamed to say that I've not bothered to read more about it. Anyway, Natasha will donate a certain amount of money when you do your part to make her campaign a success. You can donate too if you want to!

You can put up the button above in your blog and link back to Natasha's blog for the whole month of September in order to spread word about this campaign.

For more information on Reading & Blogging for Darfur, please visit her blog.

Come on, wait no more! Do something good today! You can help make a difference for the people who are suffering in Darfur.


  1. Hi, I was just reading through my blog entries and noticed you leaving a comment on one of my oldest entries last month:

    Well, as a final year student, i still fail to get my car sticker. Guess i cant do anything about it. just avoid the guards!

    btw, it seems that you love reading so much! Which course and what year are you in?

  2. yin mei: Yeah, the sticker is indeed really difficult to get! We have to be committee members or be friends with committee members who have stickers but who don't need them. :)

    Yup, that's what I do too - avoid the guards!

  3. molly: Yes, it is. I pray that it'll all be over for them.


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