Friday, August 22, 2008

Streamyx Installation Successful

Yay!!! Finally, I managed to install Streamyx by myself. I chose the RM66 package without modem and also without installation help which costs RM88. However, my Streamyx agent wasn't so helpful. I had to find some things out by myself.

First there was the router problem. Then, my router page couldn't be opened. I sent e-mails to both Aztech and Prolink help support. Prolink replied me almost immediately! That was a pleasant surprise. The guy told me to check the proxy settings, IP address, the firewall...

That time, I was using my Maxis broadband to go online and therefore, the IP address wasn't Prolink's! So, I disconnected the Maxis broadband and connected to the Prolink wireless connection instead and voila! Prolink's IP address appeared. And Prolink's router page opened miraculously. I could finally set in my Streamyx username and password.

Okay, so I tried to sign in to MSN. Failed. What's wrong now? Ah, I tried to connect the phone line to the router. The little computer icon at the bottom right of my screen started blinking blue. Connected! Really connected. Finally!

Now, I just need to find the microfilter so that I can connect the main phone line, the phone and the router with one another.

Sigh...I really don't like all this tech stuff.


  1. next time just go to cyber cafe or starbucks :P

  2. I'm not good with all these technical stuffs too! Prefer someone do it for me - I'll just concentrate on going online and do my blogging. lol

  3. ky: I'm quite lazy to travel to cyber cafes and starbucks is expensive. I prefer to laze at home! :)

    foongpc: Yeah, why trouble ourselves with such troublesome things, right? But it sure is a benefit to learn something from it. I know I did!


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