Monday, August 11, 2008

My First Chess Competition

That happened yesterday. A closed chess tournament, only open to students in my uni. I think there were only around 13 or 14 players. One player didn't come. Only 3 female players.

Well, there were 6 rounds. Here's a recap of my games:

Round 1: Played with an Indonesian student. He was shocked that he's to compete with a girl. He's also shocked that there are girls who play chess. Sigh...but he won. :(

Round 2: Played with a tension-looking Chinese guy. He played and hit the chess clock very fast! I'm a slow player so he had to wait patiently. Anyway, he's one of those chess champs. He won.

Round 3: Played with another girl. She moved her pieces fast and aggressively. Looks fierce while playing. She won.

Round 4: Opponent missing in action. I won automatically. :D

Round 5: Played with the other girl. A slow player like me. I won. :D

Round 6: Played with another guy. He's a fast player too. Probably was bored while waiting for me to think and move my pieces. He won.

And that was my first chess competition. Won 2 games out of 6. Actually winning *one* game only but too bad one of my opponents didnt' come, so it's 2. The competition lasted almost a whole day. From 10 am until around 6.30pm. Lunch wasn't provided too! I remembered them saying that there's lunch but then, no food in sight! Had to go to a nearby cafeteria and ate chicken rice.

One hour, one round. First round started at 10.00 am. Luckily I brought a book to read. Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Would have been bored to death if I didn't. When I finished early or in other words, when I was rapidly defeated, I had some free time because we had to wait for the other players to finish their games.

It's been a good experience and I also made some new friends. Will consider joining more chess tournaments. Well, I have to brush up on my chess-playing skills first!


  1. You should post your games up - just to be complete.

  2. Wow...sounds like a speed chess competition! I couldn't survive it for a moment.

    Pardon for me laughing but I LOL at the various chess players you described. They really sound as bad as they seem!

    Hmm...I think chess needs a bit of glamour :)

  3. Well, i wonder how i can get back to chess. I loved chess so much when I was in secondary school, represented my school, borrowed books from the library to study all the openings from experts etc! Now after F5, I stopped playing, my skills went downhill, and my brains are just too rusty to think!


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