Friday, August 8, 2008

Missing Pages In Library Book

I was happily patiently reading 1984 by George Orwell last night. It's a library book. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at page 166. There was no page 167 right until page 189. It skipped right to page 190. So around 24 pages were missing. And it was already 10.30 pm last night. I couldn't go to the library because it's already closed!

The book's quite old already. It's been on the shelves since 1989. Lots of people have borrowed it because of all the 'Returned' stamps at the back of the book. But not one of them reported the missing pages to the librarian? Quite impossible. Just now I told the librarian that the pages in the book were missing and he said that it can't be borrowed. Well, I meant to return it anyway.

In the end, I looked for another 1984 book and borrowed it. I've already reached Chapter 3, there are only 3 chapters in it. Hope to finish reading it tonight!


  1. lol I always check if the last page is there before i decide to purchase a book, because i once heard that certain people take joy in rippig the last pages of story. Imagine!

  2. Oh my gosh! Would people actually do that? Before I buy a book, I only look all over the book to see if it's in really brand new condition - no scratches, no marks, no dog-eared pages. I like spanking brand new books! Well, now I'll be sure to check if there aren't missing pages before buying them. Thanks for the warning!


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