Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Actually Won Something!

Last month, I've been entering my name like crazy in numerous book giveaways but luck has not been on my side. However, on Monday, I was excited when I received an e-mail from The Kool-Aid Mom, telling me to check out this post. And guess what? I visited her page and saw my name as the winner of a $10 Borders gift card! How cool is that??? She even left comments in both my blogs to make sure I got her message. Thank you so much, Alisha!

Unfortunately, the gift card can't be used in Malaysia! So, Alisha suggested that she buy a book for me from the brick and mortar Borders store and then mail it to me. :D

By the way, I found another online bookstore called Better World Books. Shipping is absolutely free in the USA and only $2.97 worldwide! Isn't that cheap??? I decided to search for The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray and it only costs $14.98 (MYR48.83)! Here in, it costs MYR63.44 (USD19.46) and in Kinokuniya, it's slightly more expensive. But if I buy from Betterworld, it'd only cost me MYR58.68 or USD18.00, including shipping! It's a brand new hardcover book too.

I really couldn't believe my eyes that night when I saw the amount. I thought I was either dreaming or just hallucinating. I counted everything all over again, converted the currencies back and forth to make sure there was no mistake, checked the page a few times to see if I saw the right price, etc. Finally, I was convinced that it was no joke. It was real and my lucky day!

Since I'm international, the book will take between 10 to 21 business days to reach me. I put my order in on Sunday, 03 August, 2008. I just checked my account and my book hasn't been shipped yet! Hmmm, when are they going to send me my book??? I can't wait for it to arrive!


  1. Congratz then. Hope you enjoy the books. ^^

  2. Congratulation for find a cheaper book store, hope no any inccident happen because of that few dollars

  3. Hello! Cheap shipping means no tracking and no insurance...if your book gets lost in the mail all the way from US, that means a loss of RM50++


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