Monday, August 25, 2008

Sporty Days

I used to be on the athletes team in primary and secondary school. Well, I could run because I was quite active during those days and I always enjoyed Physical Education classes. The fun classes were the times when we got to play baseball, netball, handball, hockey, and we even played football once! Too bad Phys Ed classes were only held once a week. It sure is better than sitting in class poring over books!

My teacher would also put my name in cross-country events. I would go but I never win! Haha! My friends and I would jog and talk all the way. We knew we will never even get in the Top 100, so we might as well enjoy the run. Those days were absolutely fun.

Hmm, my old trainers are already worn out and I think I threw them into the bin. I have a pair of Reeboks now, given to me by my sister. I can’t do much sport now, anyway because of my back pain! I hope I can go back to playing my favourite games.

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