Friday, August 22, 2008

Can't Open

I'm trying to self-install Streamyx. Now what I need to do is set in my username and password inside my router page. The problem is I can't open it at all! I'm currently trying to use Prolink Hurricane 9000G 802.11g ADSL router with VPN and Firewall. Before this, I've tried Aztech DSL600EW but I couldn't find the installation CD so now I'm going ahead with Prolink!

Does anyone know how to open I've even tried to put it as one of the trusted sites in my IE browser but still can't open it. :(

I appreciate any help or advice! Thanks!


Alright, here was what my Streamyx installation problem was and how I solved it:

The ADSL light was stable on my router and Streamyx was already activated. All I needed to do was to set in my username and password inside my router's page. I couldn't open the router page. So, I sent an e-mail to the Prolink help and support people and Tan Chee Seng from Prolink replied almost immediately.

This was what he wrote to me:

To access you will need to enter at the address bar.

If you can’t access, please check if you have any proxy settings set.

Click tools, internet option, connection, lan settings. Is the proxy ticked? If yes, please untick it.

Check that you are able to get an IP address from the H9000G.

Click start, run. Type cmd and click ok. Type ipconfig then hit enter. Do you get an IP address like 192.168.1.x?

Also check if you have any software firewall installed. If you do, try to disable the firewall. If still cannot access, you may need to uninstall your firewall.

So, I went to Start -> Run -> Type 'cmd' -> Check IP address

IP address wasn't Prolink's because I didn't connect to Prolink! I was actually connected to my Maxis broadband, which was what I was using before Streamyx. No wonder it's a different IP address. So, I disconnected the Maxis broadband and connected to Prolink. Finally, Prolink's IP address showed up. After that, I could open the router page to set in my Streamyx username and password.

After setting in my Streamyx username and password, I could go online. Everything was fine. Before that, the balloon that appeared on the bottom right of the page said that the Internet connection was excellent but I couldn't open any webpages. Silly me!

So, problem solved!


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  1. RTFM - read the f*cking manual!!!!

    some dsl router use

  2. moo_t: I wouldn't be asking here if there was nothing in the manual that would help me. Anyway, I managed to open it. :D Thanks for your kind help though.

  3. Here is the trick for any brand of dsl router modem.

    1. hard reset the router modem
    2. Turn on your pc DHCP
    3. connect
    4. check the gateway, that's your dsl router IP address.


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