Saturday, August 9, 2008

Go Riding

Do you own a bicycle? Do you know how to cycle? I first learnt how to ride a bicycle when I was 8. Riding a two-wheel bicycle, that is. Riding a four-wheel bicycle was pretty easy, actually.

Anyway, I think my sister tried to teach me to ride. To push forward and just ride away! Sounds easy, right? Well, learning something new can be quite daunting at times. I tried and tried but I couldn’t balance. But finally, one night, when my mom was just out for a late evening walk, and I think I decided to just ‘ride’ my bike when suddenly I could ride it without stopping! It wasn’t perfect riding. I was going left and right and was quite unsteady but still, I could ride. That was unforgettable.

In my teens, I used to ride our old Raleigh bicycle. I was quite jealous because other kids were riding mountain bikes. We didn’t own a mountain bike as it was sold off when I was still small.

So, how about taking some time off the computer or the TV and go ride a bike? It’s good exercise for the legs, that’s what I read.


  1. I remember spending a whole day on learning how to ride the bike in my neighbour's front yard. It was....painful (very). I kept falling down and had heaps of bruises on my bum at the end of the day. Kudos for the reminiscence. (-_-)

    PS: YES, i can ride the bike now. Haha.

  2. Ouch! That sounds like a painful and "bruisey" experience. It's always like that with learning, isn't it? First it's tough, but as time goes on and with sheer determination, we'll get the hang of it! Glad to know you could ride in the end! :D


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