Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lee Chong Wei's Game Live Tomorrow Night!

If I'm not mistaken, his badminton match against Lin Dan of China will be aired live on RTM1 on Sunday night, 17 August 2008 at 8.48 p.m.. Well, for those who don't have the Astro cable television, that is. I'll certainly switch on the TV way before 8.48 pm just in case my timing was wrong.

Wow, the pressure is definitely on Chong Wei now to bring back Malaysia's first gold medal. Hmm, it seems that he's played with Lin Dan (World No. 1 in men's singles badminton) before. They played 12 times. Read this article from The Star.

If Chong Wei doesn't win, he'll still get silver medal but it'd definitely be much, much better if he can snap the gold! Malaysia's first gold medal!

Let's just stay calm and pray hard for Chong Wei to play an excellent and mind-blowing game. Anyway, last night on the ntv7 8 pm news, there was a poll asking people to vote if Chong Wei will deliver Malaysia's first-ever Olympic gold medal. 100% voted YES! Not bad. The spirit of Malaysia Boleh is stil burning in the hearts of Malaysians.


  1. he gets RM 1 million too if he wins gold! dem!

  2. Go go go Lee Chong Wei, make us proud!


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