Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Silver Medal For Malaysia!

So, did you manage to catch the much-awaited badminton match between Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei and China's Lin Dan? I did. The game began around 8.55 p.m. (I think) and ended around 9.45 p.m.. Only 2 rounds were played and Lin Dan was clearly dominating the game.

Lee Chong Wei tried his best but Lin Dan beat him. The scores were 21-12 and 21-8. Chong Wei looked tired while Lin Dan looked like his energy never left him. He was alert and was terribly quick. He leapt at the chance to smash when Chong Wei was down.

It was definitely an exciting game, for me and everyone else! If I were there at the match, I would have cheered like crazy and shouted for Chong Wei. The support for Lin Dan was huge. You could hear the crowd chanting "Lin Dan! Chia Yuk!" every now and then. "Chia Yuk" means "add oil" or "go for it" in Mandarin. It's an encouraging remark to tell somebody who's about to do something difficult.

I'm sure Chong Wei tried his very best (who wouldn't give their best shot when there's an Olympic gold medal to be won???) but Lin Dan was just too darn good! He even threw his racket and sweaty shoes to the crowd!

One thing I noticed, why was Chong Wei wearing rings on his fingers and a watch too??? Wouldn't the rings and watch limit his movements? Plus he had so many chains and necklaces on his neck. Lin Dan only wore one chain and nothing on his hands except for his racket.

This is Lin Dan's first Olympic gold medal.

So, will Chong Wei go on to compete in the next Olympics? It's okay Chong Wei! You're still our hero!


  1. hey josette.. thanks for dropping by my blog.. mind to intro who are u?

  2. Totally agree. I think Chong Wei has done his best. A silver medal is better than Sydney and Athens liao which we came home empty handed.

  3. yeah, he should be proud of himself. if he doesn't feel that way, then buckle up and do better in future tournaments! beat that lin dan teruk teruk !

  4. Ugh...I actually found Lin Dan to be such a show off although he piqued my interest initially.

    Chong Wei put up quite a good fight although I think he should have slowed down his game since Lin Dan was a bit overconfident in the second set!

    I know I would like to see a rematch between these two :) And boy, would I DO anything to see Chong Wei beat Lin Dan!!!


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