Monday, December 31, 2007

Shopping Before New Year

Wah....Queensbay was extremely PACKED yesterday, which was a Sunday. Suddenly, where did everybody come from? I didn't know that it would be so, so crowded and almost all the shops had at least more than 5 customers in it, even those expensive boutiques.

The people were definitely taking advantage of the sales that were going on. It's still going on anyway. I went because I wanted to get my eyes checked - time for new glasses and also to find out about optical goggles for swimming. I searched on the Internet and most people suggested using contact lenses but using contacts underwater is not safe. Even with goggles.

Then, luckily a helpful lady/optician from one of those eyewear shops told me that Jusco sells optical goggles. I was surprisedly happy! At least I don't have to wear lenses and I would not be blind as a bat while swimming. That's one problem solved.

So, it's New Year's Day tomorrow. A whole new year and a whole new you. Actually, I think I'll still feel like my old self. =) And I haven't made any New Year resolutions. I will make resolutions every now and then, not only for New Year's. I make the resolutions but it doesn't mean that I'll keep them! It takes discipline and willpower. =D

Okay. Wishing everybody a very Happy New Year 2008!!! Be good.

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