Wednesday, December 26, 2007


My second Spanish class was today! It was fun as we had to choose our Spanish names to use in class. Too bad the Spanish version of my name was already taken by someone else! So I had to choose another one.

It was really funny to see normal-looking people with new names like Marcella, Nikolas or Nicolas, Sergio, Alfonso, etc. We only encounter these names in all those telenovela shows on TV! The Marcella that I knew on TV (was she from Mis Tres Hermanas?) was sophisticated, snobbish, stylish and everything that the new Marcella in my class was not. I don't think I'm anything like my new name either!

But it's all for fun and for the sake of learning. That way, we got to know almost everyone in class. The teacher asked us to memorize everyone's new names and then she'll randomly call out somebody to tell out almost everyone's names! So, everybody quickly looked around and asked one another their new names. Now, that's an effective icebreaker.

Today's class was short. She just gave us some basic Spanish expressions and then we were dismissed. I'm so looking forward to the next class.


  1. Your Spanish class sounds like my German class! Yeah, it's fun to have a new exotic name yeah?

  2. dei.. u nvr tell us ur spanish name... hahaha... choose Betty. kakaka~

    yo soy betty la fea~~

  3. kittycat: Yeah but sometimes I'm not used to having a new name. When she calls out my new name, I wouldn't know right away and then in an instant, I'll be thinking, 'Alamak! She's calling me!'

    erlynda: Got Betty....! No lah, don't want Betty lah...haha!

    :p Spanish name is a secret. Hehe... Tell you later lah.


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