Friday, December 21, 2007

Now there are werewolves?

In New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. First, it's only vampires and a really klutzy girl named Bella Swan who happens to be hopelessly in love with one particular 17-year-old vampire. Then, suddenly werewolves appeared.

It's quite a confusing story actually. I didn't really enjoy the writing in it. I felt there were some parts which were not necessary and no wonder the book is so darn thick! I bet the third book, Eclipse, will be even thicker.

Okay, one could feel sorry for Bella because (a) the love of her life left her and (b) she finds out that she's being hunted by a lady vampire. And she thought she was just an ordinary girl. So much for being ordinary when she has so many secrets.

Well, don't we all think the same? You never know. Maybe you think that the girl you always sit next to in class is a totally normal. Who knows? Maybe she's a plain Jane by day and superhero by night???

Secrets like the ones that Liz Parker from Roswell has to keep. It's not her secret to tell. Speaking of Roswell, I'm starting Season 2 already. Just watched 4 episodes. Nope. I'm not getting sick of Roswell yet.

Anyway, now I'm at the part where Bella just realized that one of her friends may be a werewolf. Could be a danger to everyone. This werewolf story reminded me of Harry Potter's Professor Lupin!

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