Saturday, December 29, 2007

It Pays To Wait

Has this situation ever happened to you? Here goes:

One day, you were flipping through the newspaper or just surfing the Internet, and you found out that a particular thing that you have always wanted (book, blouse, CD, DVD, etc) is available at a store near you. Of course, you get excited. Then, the next logical thing to do is rush out to the store and buy it. You are afraid that the item will be out of stock if you were to wait a minute longer. Am I right?

Then, perhaps a month or so later, you flip through the newspaper or surf the Internet, and you see the item being advertised again. It's still available and its price has been reduced!

Oh, don't you just hate it??? I know how you feel. Because the other day, about a month ago, I saw that 'The Book Thief' was available at MPH Bookstores and since I came across numerous book reviews praising the book to bits, I thought that I had to read it for myself and see what the fuss is all about. So, I bought the book at RM42.90.

And today, only a few minutes ago, I decided to open MPH Online's website, I saw that the book's price has been reduced by 30%. See? If I had waited, I would only have to pay RM30.03! If I had waited, I would save around RM12! *cries loudly with huge tears flowing down*

Well, what's done is done. No use crying over spilt milk. But then, I didn't know that the price would be reduced. I didn't know that the book would be part of the sale. I didn't know the future. Enough said.

So, I guess you should check out the bookstores now to see if your favourite books cost less than the usual price. If not, it's up to you to wait or not to wait.

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