Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2nd day of the 2nd Semester

Yesterday and today weren't so stressful. That's because tutorial classes haven't started yet! That's why I'm still so free now. Well, tomorrow I have to wake up really early so I don't miss my first class of the day!

Today's class was okay. It wouldn't be okay if I were the girl who was sent out of the class. For good. There's this girl who signed up for my class but the lecturer said she's not allowed to take it this semester. The lecturer talked to her through the microphone so all of us heard everything. The poor girl. To be sent out of class and to be told to return the course sheet too! I won't be surprised if the girl wouldn't want to sign up for my class again. She can take my class but not this semester.

Well, I finished watching Season 1 of Roswell. That's good progress. And I'm still reading New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Haven't reached the middle page yet.

Okay. Good night!


  1. Wow...that sounds horrible! If it helps, I've gone through some *nasty* lecturers in my time. To avoid getting into their wrong books, be smart and READ instructions carefully.

    Take it from a former lecturer - seeing >500 students every semester can make you a bit cuckoo!

  2. Have to Listen to their instructions too! Haha!


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