Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Woke Up At 12 p.m.!

Well, almost 12 p.m. actually. =) I don't sleep like a pig you know though last time my friend used to say that I hibernate instead of sleeping normally.

Yesterday morning was my Spanish class and we learned the alphabet in Spanish. A is ah, B is bear, C is theh, CH is chair and so on. After that, we had to spell out our Spanish names in Spanish! We also learnt new Spanish words. Looks like we have to memorize them in case the teacher randomly calls us to translate the word!

After class, my friends and I went to a nearby shopping mall to look for stuff to make to sell for our Entrepreneurship class. Yeah, we have to sell things for almost a month and then see if we make a profit or not from our little 'business'.

We were out almost the whole day walking around, looking for our 'sources'. We couldn't find much unfortunately. Today, I'll look in some more shops.


  1. hehe..mayb i know where to learn spanish class?..easy2learn?^.^

  2. gan: Yeah, it's quite easy to learn. The pronunciation is like pronouncing in Bahasa.

  3. haih..i accidentally added a 'b' behind my 'may'...haizz..

  4. ohh..anyway, Happy New Year o!..hope u have a wonderful 2008..^.^

  5. gan: Hi, I'm learning Spanish in my uni. I think there are Spanish classes out there too, just have to find.

    Happy New Year 2008 to you too!


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