Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quite A Depressing Day

3rd day of school. How was it? Well, if you noticed the title of my post, then you can guess how it went. Just felt totally moody today. Maybe it's because I slept late last night - couldn't sleep cos I slept a lot in the afternoon.

This morning had a class. In this class, I didn't know anybody. So far, so good. I could just stay invisible and just listen to the lecturer. But no, she can't leave me alone. She had to ask us to get into groups. She gave us the 'opportunity' to choose our own group members. Aduh.......I was dying there.

It would be better if she chose for us, then I would not need to ask some group to take me in. Anyway, most of them already knew one another. So, this fella next to me was writing down the names of his group members and I noticed that there were only 3 names. The lecturer said we should have 4. So, I quickly asked him if I could join. He said okay. But, I was still feeling left out. They didn't even know how to pronounce my name!

Anyway, tonight's class was better. Again, we had to get into groups and the members in every group had to be of differnt gender, race, and course. So two of my friends and I had to scout around to look for 2 more members who are not Chinese, not a girl, and not from our school. In the end, we found 2 new members.

Today it's been a lot of 'group work' stuff for me. Ahh...I don't look forward to next Wednesday....


  1. Give it some time...groupwork can be fun, or not. It any case, it's a way to know more people (weirdoes included!)

  2. Ah, I'll see how the 'group work' goes! My friend advised me to just concentrate on my part and presentation. No need to think so much about group mates. =)


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