Sunday, December 30, 2007

Changing Templates - Risky!

I just tried to change my blog's template. Unsuccessfully. I went to the website and just browsed around for some nice-looking, fresh template, perhaps with a few nice pictures of books or someone reading books, etc. Many of the blog skins there are very cartoonish, lovey-dovey, and nah, I'm not going to use them. I'm still looking for the RIGHT one! I don't really know what the right one is.

So, I just tried to experiment with one skin that looked okay. But, it didn't look okay when I've copied and pasted the HTML code in Blogger. The font was too small. I tried to change back to my old blogger template and somehow, everything went wrong! It happened the last time too. I know there's a way to restore my old Blogger template but forgot.

Anyway, after a few clicks here, a few clicks there and a few anxious heartbeats and the crossing of fingers, finally everything was okay again. Well, it's not the old template anymore now, I'm using the same template like my new bookshop's blog. Looks kinda nice. A dotty nice.

Oh, imagine if all was lost. I would have to retype the links, put up the ads again, etc...that will surely take up my precious time. Luckily all is fine. *lets out huge sigh*

The skins over at BlogSkins are nice and creative. I really like some of them but they are not suitable for this blog. There'll be a lot of adjustments to do if I were to use them. Maybe for the time being, I'll just stick with the usual Blogger templates. When I really have free time, which I don't quite know when, then I'll try to change to one of the skins from BlogSkins.

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