Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year 2007 to everybody out there! I do hope all of you had a blast last night counting down to the new year. Well, I certainly did not have a blast last night because I was, unfortunately, dozing away in Dreamland!

Anyway, have you got ready your New Year resolutions yet? I'm sure most of you have goals to achieve within the next 12 months.

I surfed the web and found that popular New Year resolutions include losing weight, quit smoking, drink less, spend more time with family, save more money, etc. In my case, I only want to save more money so that I have money to buy more stuff! =) Especially books. Typical me. If I ever visit a bookstore, I'll look around in awe at the books around me wishing all of them belonged to me!

Okay, it's taking me a long time to type this post, as the connection is quite bad. Maybe there are millions online now. Who knows??



  1. josette??? ur new online persona? hahaha... anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you~~ ish... ppl went out to AutoCity for some celebration, you pulak... tidok tidok... tsktsktsk... hahaha... anyway, hope for more money in your NY resolution list. no no... hope to get married to a millionaire. then, u dun have to worry about not having enough money to buy books. XD

  2. Haha! Hey, your New Year's eve was quiet too, right?? Ya, I kinda like the name Josette. It's a French name! :p hahaha!

  3. Hi, Jo. It seems that I'm lost here, Hahaha...
    Thanx for the update. I wanted to comment to your old blog site but couldn't make it. I'm glad you've got a new one here. I wish you all the luck for this year 2007, not only for you but to all your family as well. And not only for this year but all throughout.
    Happy New Year and welcome 2007...

  4. Hi Josette,
    Nice blog you have here! I'll link yours to mine as I LOVE books too and hope that my son, Lucas will too ;-) Happy 2007!


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