Sunday, January 28, 2007

American Idol - Classic Entertainment

I watched American Idol last night on 8tv to be entertained. =D Yeah, I enjoy watching this show immensely. You get to see weird people auditioning to be the next Idol.

There was this gay-like fella whose name was Ian Bernardo who went to try to impress the judges. He wore a white shirt with ‘Ian Bernardo’ printed on it and he donned a fur kind of scarf around his neck, I think. He was walking up and down the streets of New York telling complete strangers that he’s the next American Idol. Haha! He was extremely confident of himself and he talked big.

When he got in the audition room, he began to sing and dance. Horribly. He refused to leave and started telling the judges that they had made a huge mistake or something. He claimed he’ll be bigger and better than Taylor who, Carrie Underwear, Reuben and Kelly! Honestly, this guy was hilarious! He should be a comedian instead of an American Idol.

I waited for the next person trying out with anticipation. I like this show!

A bubbly, bouncy girl named Nakia was good too. She started with ‘Dancing In The Street’ and got the judges dancing along with her. After that, they asked her to sing another song and she sang ‘Dreaming of You’ by Selena. This time, she did not impress the judges that much. They said her tone all was out and no, she can’t go to Hollywood to be the next Idol. It was really heart-rending. She left the room a totally different person. She cried and the other people outside clapped and cheered for her.

Some people were so desperate to get the yellow piece of paper. They begged and fought and gave the judges a hard time. Questions like:

‘Where did I go wrong?’

‘Why didn’t you like me?’

were thrown at the judges. They pleaded, begged like crazy but the judges were adamant. Decision was final. And they could not take it. They are still acting stubborn because they want to be an Idol.

These people should just get over it and move on with life. Like how the judges always advised those who did not make the cut. They should realize that they cannot please everybody.

There was no Malaysian Idol last year, wasn’t it? What happened? I can’t wait for the next one. Not that I’m auditioning. =D


  1. Hey! Linking me would be fine. I will link you to my blog as well!


  2. Hi kailana, thanks for dropping by. And thanks for the linking. =)

  3. You are now offically linked. :) Sorry you weren't earlier. I got distracted by the book I was reading.

  4. Hey kailana, thanks again. It's okay. Enjoy the book you are reading!

  5. No, they've replaced Malaysian Idol with One In A Million - no franchising rights to pay off, I suppose.

    Do you still remember the first Idol? She was amazing.

    Check out Jaclyn Victor on my blog.

  6. Oh, I wonder there's no news of Malaysian Idol! But, I still prefer Malaysian Idol to One in a Million. I don't watch it anyway.

    Yup, Jaclyn Victor is a wonderful singer.


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