Thursday, January 25, 2007

TV Problem

For the past few days, my parents and I could not watch the television at home because all the channels were blurred heavily with white spots. All this happened after my mom called a repairman to fix the area thing, which had tumbled over on our roof due to the strong winds. Well, the channels were quite clear that night but come the next morning, all channels were blurred again.

Finally, my mom asked my neighbour if he could do something about it. Around 10 something in the morning, 2 young fellas came to change the whole area or signal thing, I don’t know what’s it called. There was a lot of banging and shouting but now, we can watch ALL the channels! =)

By the way, I was browsing through The Star’s InTech section and came across an article about selling and buying on eBay the right and safe way. I did not realize there were so many things and factors to consider just taking part in the trading community on eBay. Here’s the article if you are interested to read it.

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