Saturday, January 27, 2007

Crazy Computer

Bleh! My stupid computer has jammed itself again! Or maybe I jammed it??? Haha! Probably.

My sister is bringing hers over tonight so I hope from tonight onwards, I can surf the Internet and blog peacefully. I'm bored now, that's why I'm not giving up on my computer. I am still online although the computer hanged a couple of times just now. =(

I started reading Hexwood by Diana Wynne Jones last night. It was quite a boring start too. Why do all the books have boring introductions especially the ones I'm reading now? I hope it will get more exciting as I read more. I like Diana Wynne Jones. I need to know if she's American or British. I checked inside the book and it was supposedly printed in Great Britain. So, I guess she's British. But I still need to confirm it.

Okay, my computer is halfway jammed now. Got to post this before it's too late! Bye!

N.B. Diana Wynne Jones must be British. She lives in Bristol, England.


  1. Computers can be such a pain sometimes.

    Diana Wynne Jones is British. I haven't read any of her books but they do sound interesting.

  2. Hi Andrea, thanks for commenting. Yeah, I do hope my computer woes will be over since my sis brought hers over for me already.

    Oh ok, I also figured out she must be British. =) I like her books. She's imaginative & humorous. You could try reading her books one day and tell me what you think of it. =D

  3. Hi, Jo. You better go buy another computer, a new one. I have had a laptop of eight years that was working until the monitor died. I bought another laptop and I was amazed to realize I was stuck into that old and slow, outdated computer. My laptop is now very fast.

  4. Have your read Fire and Hemlock by her? I read it... last year I think... and it was really good! (Diana Wynne Jones I mean)

  5. Hi kailana, no I haven't read Fire & Hemlock. Ooh, if it's good, then it definitely has to be on my must-read list of books! Thanks for recommending it.

  6. Hi Dodong, yes it's very frustrating to use a computer that likes to get jammed! I'm going to use a new one soon.


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