Sunday, January 7, 2007

Rain Rain Go Away...

It's been raining nonstop ever since last night! It rained the whole day today. Couldn't go out, couldn't dry the clothes, no sunshine... It was just rain, rain, and more rain. The newspapers reported that 'thunderstorms, heavy rain and possible floods' would hit the northern region in Malaysia. It may only stop raining tomorrow and I really hope it stops too. Lots of clothes to wash, ya know??

Anyway, last night was the launching of Visit Malaysia 2007. The Eye on Malaysia seemed to be the highlight of the night. It's a Ferris wheel situated in Taman Titiwangsa. When you go on it, you get the chance to view the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur. Its structure is supposed to be the same as the London Eye or Millennium Eye, which is the biggest observation wheel in the whole wide world. I must go to both eyes one day! =)

Okay, let me do my part in promoting Malaysia to the world now. It is a multiracial country where the people are of different races, religions, cultures, etc. And we all live in harmony. =) The one thing we Malaysians enjoy doing is....eating! Yeah, the food is really good here, who wouldn't resist it? Hey, we don't eat the entire time okay; we just love our food very much.

My all-time favourite dessert is ais kacang. The ice is shaved and mixed with jellies, beans, green-coloured noodles, black grass jelly, atapchi, syrup and melted coconut sugar or gula melaka. Another favourite dessert is leng chi kang. I love eating rojak too. Rojak is a mixture of fruits and spicy peanut sauce. There is also satay. Satay is something like kebab, I think. Really delicious. Besides these 3 ultra-delicious foods, there are much more offered here too.

I guess I'm quite bad at describing the food I eat so if you want accurate details, I suggest you search on the Internet to find out more about Malaysian food. I apologize if any wrong descriptions were given!

Anyway, I hope many visitors will make a stop here in Malaysia, as it is a country worth visiting. Don't worry about your safety here; we have policemen too, just like in other countries. Only peace loving peoples here, no wars! =)


  1. Beautiful wheel... Eye On Malaysia a good name indeed. I wish I can ride on it someday... U try already?

  2. Erm, not yet actually. Some time in the future. =)


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