Friday, January 5, 2007

Blogging For Money - A New Trend

Money....$$$$$$$......who in their right minds would say no to money? I don't know about you but to me, money is really important. As a matter of fact, money is important to everyone. It buys us food, clothes, houses, cars, books, underwear, mobile phones, reload cards for topping up phones, that latest Guess handbag, those gotta-have-it Nike shoes, movie tickets for girlfriends/boyfriends, etc, etc.

Students are encouraged to take up part-time jobs during the school holidays so that they will spend their time doing something useful for a change. Maybe doing some waitressing, or becoming a cashier. Or giving tuition (only the geniuses are recommended for this. Well, maybe. =/ ). Whatever the job is, the money still rolls in.

How I wish I were paid simply to read storybooks or watch movies. I am a real movie buff. I love movies! I've probably watched all the movies ever made! Okay, I'm exaggerating. Hehe... However, all blogger-crazy people can sing for joy because they can earn money for doing something they love or for the sake of doing it 'cos everyone's doing it.

If you typed in 'blogging for money' in Google or other search engines, there will be a list of websites offering you cold, hard cash if you sign up with them and blog about what they tell you to blog. Popular ones include PayPerPost and Blogsvertise.

It's quite an interesting and really easy way to make money. No more ugly work uniforms, no more nasty customers, no more traveling all the way to work, and no more more! All you have to do is get comfortable on your chair and just go on a blogging spree.

Enjoy blogging everyone! =)

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