Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Wormy Morning

Ugh, what a morning! I was cutting vegetables like what I do every morning and if I'm lucky, I won't get to meet any uninvited little slimy Annelids. But, I guess today is my lucky day. I was slowly peeling off a vegetable leaf and voila! There, resting snugly in the leaf was a long, shiny, worm. I shrieked and ran away to get myself far, far away from it! In the end, my mom took the leaf with the worm in it and threw it outside. She said the sun would kill it. Then, I had to continue cutting the vegetables, hoping there would be no more slimy friends.

These few months, there have been numerous little crawly worms, you know those black worms with yellow spots on them, and they are around the garden especially in the drains. I don't know how many little worm lives I've ended already and I'd most probably be known as a worm serial killer. =0

Worms are hermaphrodites, that is that they have both male and female reproductive organs. So, it's no surprise that they can reproduce many, many baby worms in a short period of time. Thanks to my Biology book, I've learnt a lot about this unlikable species. I wish there were no worms on this planet! But, without them, our ecosystem would not be complete. So, they do serve a purpose in life. Don't worry, after all the worms I've killed, there are still billions of them crawling around. Even in your stomach!


  1. That's funny. There are worms I love to see, Hahaha... Are caterpillars worms, too? They're eating leaves in your garden, alright but once they get into a beautiful butterfly (remember I love photography).
    Okay, there are worms I really hate, those itchy itchy worms...
    At any rate they complete the cycle of the ecosystem (as I've learn it). That's their purpose...
    One more thing, I don't kill worms if they are in their natural habitat. But if they are found in my kitchen sink, I would flush them all right away, Haha...
    That's all what I can share. Thanx :-)

  2. Well, I'm positive those worms aren't caterpillars. Caterpillars are green, aren't they? And since caterpillars feed on leaves, these black & yellow worms, which are not on any leaves may not be baby butterflies after all.

  3. your wormy friends. the one you killed with hot water in your garden. may they rest in peace~~~

  4. Yes, I'm sure what you discovered over the vegetables are not caterpillars as caterpillars are bigger in size...

  5. The worms are not on any leave or vegetables. They are in the drains! :(


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