Sunday, December 31, 2006

Forever by Judy Blume

Katherine met Michael Wagner at a New Year Eve's party. It seemed like instant attraction between the both of them, I think. Katherine feels that she has never felt so strongly about any guy before. With Michael, she's nervous yet happy to be with him.

Just like the title - Forever, Katherine and Michael thought that their love would remain forever. Both admitted that they really loved each other and Katherine decided to go all the way with Michael. And just like what Katherine's mom told her, 'once you start having sex, you can't go back to holding hands'. It's completely true. Katherine and Michael can't keep their hands off each other and are always finding opportunities to be alone together.

Then came summer time. Katherine's dad insisted that she accepts a job to teach tennis at a camp, which Jamie, Katherine's younger sister, is going to. Initially, Katherine is reluctant to spend 7 whole weeks away from Michael. She would miss him soooooo much! But, her dad would not take no for an answer. So, she went to camp. She and Michael kept in touch by writing letters everyday.

At the camp, Katherine meets new friends and is attracted to another guy. She feels guilty at first because she thought she was betraying Michael. However, when Michael went to the camp to see her, she decided to be honest with him.

When I visited, many reviewers claimed that this book is a must-read for teenagers so they would know about sex and first love. To me, the story was going fine, but when it came to the part where she fell for another guy, I felt funny. I mean, if she was soooo much in love with Michael, how could she fall for another guy so quickly? It seems to me that Katherine is fickle-minded and doesn't know what she wants.

Well, this book is okay. It's easy to read, quick to finish, and Judy Blume is an excellent writer!

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