Thursday, January 4, 2007

Swapping Books With Strangers?

Our main problem is...books are so outrageously expensive! A decent paperback novel can cost up to MYR40++ and a non-earning primary/secondary student simply cannot afford it. 'Let their parents buy!' I can hear some of you say. Well, it's not that easy either. Some parents would not dream of spending money on storybooks for their kids. They would rather throw their money away on overcrowded, fully booked tuition classes and extra-good, highly recommended revision books for their precious, future doctor/engineer/accountant/millionaire kids.

Okay okay! Looks like I'm getting out of the point here but as we all know, it is a fact that kids nowadays read more schoolbooks than storybooks. But what about those who can't live without books, or storybooks to be precise?

I found a few book-swapping websites and I think their ideas are fantastic. For example, at, the concept is when you finish reading a book, you leave it somewhere in public where some stranger will pick it up and go home to read it. They then leave the book in public again and let someone else find it. It works in the US but in Malaysia? I doubt it. If you ever leave a good storybook in public, I'm sure nobody will ever see it again. Either it's kept safely in someone's home (finders keepers!) or at a second-hand bookshop.

Here's an interesting article entitled '
The savvy bookworm', where
they talk about renting, swapping, buying books when on sale, etc. I really hope Malaysia can inculcate the reading habit in everybody, from those aged 1 to 100! Babies don't have to read, they can just look at the pictures! =) You can't force them to read either. They will only nibble at the book.

May books last forever! Happy reading!


  1. But..problem is how to find the time to read them..!!! easpecially working adults/parents..

    Have over close to 100 books unread..!!!

  2. Yeah, it's true that working people and parents barely have time to read. But, maybe a page or two a day would be enough already. It's still counted as reading! =)

  3. nowadays, many are kiamsiap when it comes to buying books. as for me, i'm just waiting for nice books to arrive at my doorstep. haha.

    currently i'm reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. my mom bought it last year but no time to read it due to our "inspiring" all-for-stpm mindset.

  4. Swapping of books is a good idea but I doubt how long will be my turn over when the book is in my hand. I wanted to read as much as I can but found myself entangled with lots of things to be done. Blogging is the only time left for me I can call my spare time.

    Reading is good that it feeds our soul. Swapping books is a brilliant idea that you won't run out of book supply :-)

    Good day, Jo!

  5. To erlynda, Haha! You wish some kind Santa Claus will drop some books at your door step! And I hope you are a little highly effective by now! Good luck! =)

    To Dodong, Good day to you too! Yeah, swapping is a brilliant idea but people can be stingy at times cos they'll only lend the 'not so interesting' or outdated books. Sometimes, the books are not returned too. This is why swapping is not so popular.


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