Thursday, January 11, 2007

How To Make Paper

Ever wondered how paper is made? Yeah, the pieces of paper in your books, diaries, newspapers and toilet paper. I came across this website and I liked its colourful content and childish drawings. To learn more about making paper and recycling, which is extremely important so we can save our dying trees, you may visit Let's Make Paper.

I remembered a few years back when my school held some science fair and my friends decided to make paper out of old newspapers! They were successful and their booth was quite popular. The results were light brown papers that were thick, rough and looked like paper from 1000 years ago.
Anyway, I typed in 'how books are made' in Google and instead of how books are physically made, I got how books begin from a great idea. There is this Puffin at Penguin Books Australia website, which explains how a book is made, with great illustrations.
If you want to know more about the history of books, look in Wikipedia, which is always a reliable source of information. I really like this online encyclopedia. Lots of information.

This List of banned books fascinated me. Check out the list to see if you have read any of the books banned!


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