Saturday, January 6, 2007

How To Walk in High Heels - The Girl's Guide to Everything by Camilla Morton

A really catchy title, don't you think? This was my Christmas present by my sister who is always trying to make me behave more like a lady. Sometimes I listen to her advice and sometimes I try to defend myself. =) Anyways, this book is helpful in a way, with lots of great tips and witty suggestions. It teaches you how to lead the life similar to a celebrity or a princess.

It even mentioned that a 5 cm heel is considered practically FLAT! Moreover, the higher and the thinner your heel is, the higher your status will be. So girls, better invest in a pair of really good and high high heels in order to receive more attention because duh! you will become really tall and easily noticed! It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

I liked one where the title is How to Change a Nappy. There are other eye-catching titles too. It even has tips for the low-tech girl. You can learn how to use a printer, how to ebay, know the different parts of a computer, which is the keyboard, the monitor and the mouse (it does not bite), and more.

In fact, almost everything a girl needs to know is in this book. Well, like I said, almost. So, don't go expecting that everything can be found in this book.

How to Survive New Year's Eve, How to swim in shades, How to sound like a politician, How to use a knife, spoon and fork, How to love champagne, How to find and delete viruses, How to make popcorn, How to change a light bulb, etc. And if you can't do it, take a step back and let a man finish the job for you. No point getting your well manicured nails dirty or broken. That's a popular tip in there.

Lastly, I guarantee you'll learn a tip or two, which you may find useful one day. And to all the girls: enjoy being a girl! There's nothing more you could ask for.


  1. I think I will get that book, looks interesting, the part on the heels got to me...5cm considered as flat, then what is high??

  2. Haha! Yeah, that's why. The book mentioned that 7cm is used a day heel and 10.5cm is for the real pro!


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