Saturday, January 6, 2007

Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta

Australian books are not bad. There should be more books by Australian writers sold here. Looking For Alibrandi is an excellent book written by Melina Marchetta. It has even been made into a film in 2000 and I have only known about it today. Oooh, how I would love to watch it since I love the book so much!

The story is told from Josephine Alibrandi's point of view. Josephine is of Italian descent and she lives with her mother, Christina. She is 17 years old and studies in St Martha's. She is there on a scholarship. She has 3 best friends - Sera, Lee, and Anna, and they always hang out together. They are all very different from one another but still; they are the best of friends.

Josephine had the biggest crush on John Barton, a highly intelligent boy. But, there is another tough guy on the scene too. Jacob Coote is from Cook High. Josephine begins to fall more for Jacob and her feelings towards John start to fade. John seems to have problems and he confides in Josephine but I feel that she does not understand him. She is already absorbed in her own world with her own problems ranging from fights with Jacob to racism remarks from schoolmates.

After 17 long years, Josephine's father, Michael Andretti, comes back. Initially, they were like oil and water and were determined not to have anything to do with each other. But as time goes by, they got to know each other and became good friends. She is also trying hard but unsuccessfully to pair up her mother and Michael since they are her parents anyway.
The saddest part of the book was where one of Josephine's friends, (I won't tell you who) committed suicide just before their Higher School Certificate exam. Josephine and her friends and enemy took it very badly.

In my humble opinion, this is a really good book and I hope there will be more Australian books in Malaysia.


  1. BAsed from the synopsis you shared to us, I'm sure it's a good book. I'll try find an ebook at Amazon for the same title. I hope I have time to read books :-)

  2. Oh, there is always time, don't worry.


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