Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Handmade Christmas Card

Instead of popping a movie into the DVD player, I sat down and made this:

Front of card

When you open it

Back of card

Cool, huh? I spent over an hour cutting and pasting and putting the card together. Man, the yellow does seem a bit too striking but I only have red and yellow construction paper at home. I cut out the pictures of the Christmas tree, the reindeer, and the words from Guardian and Toys R Us advertisement booklets.

I think I'll make some more cards. But first I need to get more construction papers of different colours!


  1. That's really cute. I love homemade cards.

  2. yup the card is cute. i tried finding ur blog earlier.. but of course couldn't find u. :) glad u stumbled across mine. :) ill be around here regularly..

    p/s-got u the stamps few weeks ago.. still havent sent them tho..haha

  3. cute card! =) i wish i'm craftsy like that...

  4. Thats pretty. Wonder who's the lucky receiver:)

  5. wao the card is really cute !!! ^^
    i like it ^^

  6. charley: Thanks! I like them too.

    mussita: Welcome to my blog! :) It'll be nice to see you around here too. Thanks, can't wait to actually get them! Haha!

    drey: Oh, you're too kind. :D But it's pretty easy to do it. Just find some cute pictures and stick them on nice coloured paper and voila, you have your own card too!

    horizon: Hehe! I thought of sending it to my nieces. They might like it.

    weng: Thank you, weng. That's great encouragement for me. I'm inspired to make more now!


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