Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recycle Your Used Envelopes

Lately I've been buying a lot of stuff through the Internet and I've obviously been receiving a lot of parcels. It's so fun to receive a parcel or a thick envelope in the mail! But that's beside the point. What I'm talking about now is envelopes. Yeah, you heard me right. What do you do with your old envelopes? Do you toss them into the trash? Or do you recycle them? What do you do with them?

Through Book Mooch, I get books from people from other countries like USA and England. What's interesting is that they sent the books in used envelopes, which means they sort of recycled them! Fascinating, isn't it? That can save us money and also save the environment. So, if possible, try and reuse your envelopes and Jiffy bags. Just stick some paper over the old addresses and also use cellophane tape to tape wherever necessary.

If you are unsure on how you can reuse your old envelopes, any kind of envelopes, try searching on Google by typing "how to reuse envelopes?" or "how to recycle envelopes?". You'll find lots of websites providing step by step intructions and tips on how you can use your old envelopes again. There are also steps showing you how to make your own envelope using old, unwanted pieces of paper like junk mail and old calendars. Perhaps when you're bored and there are lots of useless papers lying around the house, you might as well embark on this DIY project!

For Malaysians, you can start your recycling by visiting this site.

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