Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cycling Memories

I don’t do much cycling now because I don’t own a bicycle. My old bicycle was sold off when we moved house. Therefore, no bicycles for me to cycle. =(

Last time, I would cycle around the neighbourhood with my friends and discover new housing areas or areas that I’ve not been to before. It was quite an exciting time. I certainly won’t forget the evenings when I’d wake up from my afternoon nap and hop on my old-fashioned Raleigh bicycle and cycle for hours with my friends from school.

Once, a friend and I cycled past a teacher’s house without stopping by to say hi to her. We were actually afraid of her as she was one of the fiercest people/teachers we ever knew. Unfortunately she spotted us. My friend was aware that the teacher had seen us and yelled at me telling me that the teacher saw us. Her yells made me even more panicked and I cycled off faster! That was an unforgettable moment for our teacher too who related that incident to other students at school. How embarrassing! My classmates teased us after that.

Ah, it sure is fun to ride a bicycle. If only there were better roads and less speeding cars, then I’d dare to ride on a bicycle around here. Or I'd probably need a specialized bicycle.


  1. Bicycles bring back so many nice memories for me also. Seems like we all remember days spent cycling around the neighbourhood, exploring new places.

    I used to have a sports bicycle, with the downturned handlebars. It was my father's condition for buying the bike that I must remain at all times only on the street we lived in and that I was not to go any further than that.

    Being 15 and thinking I knew better, I eventually cycled to the edge of the street, then the next street, and then the next neighbourhood, the next part of town and in the end, the other side of town about 10 km away.

    I was spotted by a family friend cycling near the town airport and this got to my old man's ears. Confrontation was unavoidable and in my defense, I argued that it must've been another boy who looked like me!

    Either too exasperated or just tired of it all, my old man let the matter rest there after a stern warning. But it was enough to keep me confined in the end, to just my street and the driveways of houses that left their front gates opened. :)

  2. readingmonk: Hey there, thanks for sharing your story on bicycling! Wow, you did cycle very far away from home! Must be quite an adventure. Haha! You were lucky to get only a warning.


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