Monday, December 1, 2008

The Twilight Movie

I watched Twilight today! I couldn't wait actually. I almost resorted to buying a fake DVD just to watch it but luckily there were none! A few days ago, I even tried downloading the movie from Limewire. I downloaded it twice but couldn't watch on any of my movie players! Definitely frustrating. So today, armed with my student card, I went to watch it for only RM6 or around USD1.65. Very affordable. I didn't even buy popcorn as the movie was almost starting.

The movie was quite okay. I read the book last year but I think it stayed pretty close to the book. And like I mentioned in my previous post, they had a good-looking cast. Duh, they were already good-looking in the book! Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan looked and sounded smarter than the Bella from the book. I also thought Bella from the movie kind of unfriendly and unsmiling.

Robert Pattinson (Cedric in Harry Potter) was okay as Edward. Yeah, he did look good and mysterious, like what he's supposed to be. And he looked nothing like the movie poster above! What's with the poster???

They also casted the role of Alice well. I liked Ashley Greene as Alice. She looked likeable. Carlisle was so white and yellow at the same time. Well, he looked like that to me. Jacob's hair was sooooo long. I didn't realize he had long hair in the book. Did he?

Besides that, they played great music. I enjoyed them! Look out for the part where Bella first watches the Cullens enter the cafeteria. I liked that part.

Overall, great movie. I wonder if they'll make a New Moon movie. If yes, wow, then it's gonna be another long wait. I might enjoy the movie better than the book, which was unfortunately quite dull.

ETA: I've just read that the baseball scene from the movie is famous! Yeah, it helped me understand how they actually played because I did not fully get it from the book.

Wow, Pattinson actually played the piano in the movie! He's a 'really talented musician' as quoted from WikiAnswers.


  1. I liked the movie but there were alot of little things wrong with it that I'm not going to say because only really hard core fans like myself would notice. They are going to make a New Moon it comes out in 2010.

  2. Yeah, I did read other bloggers' reviews on the movie and they pointed out what was wrong with it. But I only wanted to enjoy the movie and didn't mind much about the mistakes.

    2010? That's 2 years away!

  3. the next movie will be out in 2010.. sigh

  4. I took my 12 yr old to see Twilight last weekend. She has read all the Twilight books 3 or 4 times. I, alas, have yet to crack them open. so many books, so little time ....

    I loved that piano scene - I didn't realize he was playing (not dubbed).

  5. Jard the Great: It seems like forever, right?

    dawn: Haha! Your daughter must love the books a lot! I've only read them once and haven't bought Breaking Dawn yet.

    During the piano, I was also kind of scrutinizing to see if he's really playing the piano or not. You know, if he wasn't playing it, the camera wouldn't show his hands. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that he was actually playing it!


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